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won't work for small women

So I have bought smartwool boys bottoms and been successful-I am a 5'2" 100lb woman, but it would not be so with the top. The sleeves are too short. Bummer for me, when will smartwool consider petites?

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What a useless review. Why give it a 1 star rating simply because it didn't do something it wasn't supposed to in the first place? The shirt is clearly labeled as a children's item, and the description doesn't promise anything about fitting small ladies.

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I have 2 of theses tops in women's small & the sleeves are also too short. I love everything about this top except the too short sleeves.

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Wow, that's weird that a BOYS piece won't work for a WOMAN. Whodathunk?

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The original comment is from a while back, but I just wanted to respond, as some of the responses here are quite snarky. It does happen that someone other than the intended audience will buy a piece - because it's on sale; or it fits better than a piece designed for a (taller/larger) woman - as a petite person myself, I had to buy kids' clothes for a long time till the manufacturers expanded their offering; or hey, maybe we just liked the color. (Plus, manufacturers can get the cut/sizing wrong across the board, not just in kids' sizes.)

While I do agree that the starred rating isn't a perfect representation of whether this is a quality piece of clothing, still the comment can be helpful for certain buyers, not to mention the company, re: improving next year's fit. (And isn't the point to provide more information, and generate more sales?) Just because you have a different experience doesn't make an alternate view "wrong".