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Gear Review

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what can brown do for you- a lot!

  • Gender: Female
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I like the look and feel of these quickdraws. For me the biners are the perfect size and shape, and weight. Not too rounded, not too giant or small. My one climbing partner has lighter draws, but I don't trust draws that feel like thin hollow aluminum or plastic. Yeah I'll carry the extra few grams to save my life or give me the confidence to climb harder (just hold off on drinking that extra sip of water). I prefer bent-gate to wire gate because it's easier to push the rope into having more surface area. I know wire has its advantages - less gate flutter, lighter, cheaper... but with less surface area to push it requires an small additional force. And the corresponding BD pack for wire is a prettier blue, so I was torn (ended up getting both, can always use more quickdraws). But my climbing partner works for UPS so he likes this color, and I have grown to like it too. It is a nice soft glowing neutral which isn't jarring against the rock, and isn't so obvious with scratches- all biners will get scratched up. The gate action is smooth, it feels strong to catch falls. It is so great and such a good value (who would buy a single quickdraw not in a pack?) my other climbing partner unbeknowest to me got this same pack. But we noticed mine was from the 2011 batch and hers was the 2012 batch, the year of manufacture is marked on the tag (for safety so you know you aren't getting brittle old stock! important for the dogbone) so we separated them at the end. Also the tag has a small white spot for the BD logo you can mark with a color to separate your gear faster. I'm gonna stick to BD for its size and shape! Like to have everything a simiar size. But for variety, get the other colors and variations such as the posiwire, hoodwire, free wire, but I think these are my favorites so will get more of these too.