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warmest undercuff mitt-not highest quality-but recently downgraded the rating.

These are the warmest undermitt glove around-atleast on

I used them several days lately with temps in the morning around 0 Deg Farenheit.

The mitts are great. But there is some flaws IMO. First-Burton has placed a slit/cut for articulation in the thumb which leaves the the inner shell exposed. Consequently, this area has very little insulation. The first ride with these mitts, as soon as I gathered any decent speed I immediately felt the cold and wind penetrate the shell and immediately chilling my thumb.

In addition, the cut in the thumb creates a pocket which definitely begins to accumulate and trap ice and snow which exacerbates the cold thumb problem.

Second. Obviously Burton is not a company with a mountaineering background. That being said, this is their AK line-and to me they are not built Burly. Compared to several hestra gloves, Black diamond, Outdoor research and marmot gloves that i own these seem fragile. the shell material in spots is thin. In spots where there should be leather, there is nylon.

Ultimately, the gloves are the warmest undercuff mitt around. They are even warmer than my Hestra Seth Morrisons. That being said, im anticipating the hestra Seth Morrisons will last a lot, lot longer. Hopefully I will be wrong.

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yep-just like I was afraid of, these have started to fray and the leather is stretching. Probably would not buy another pair. To bad, great concept but poor construction.