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5 5

upped it to 5 stars

Edit: After half a season in mostly (very) snowy conditions I absolutely love this thing. Waterproofing is totally legit and the breathability is amazing. Sharp looking jacket too. At the SAC price this is quite simply the deal of the year. Hands down. It looks and feels (and so far performs) like jackets costing waaaaaaaay more money than this. You know the ones I'm talking about - I can't mention any names but you all know the grossly expensive jackets I'm talking about. This one is in their league in my opinion. Also, it seems like they've fixed the color online. The blue as it appears now is much closer to reality than before.


So far love this jacket because the build is excellent and it fits me pretty much perfect in a medium. 6'2-170. A perfect jacket for me is usually a med body with longish arms - that's what this is.

Pit zips are great. Big with dual zips.

Agree that the collar goes really high, but when I keep the hood down and zip it all the way up it forms an almost perfect seal around the base of my face/helmet. Looking forward to that on a storm day.

Agree about the color. Darkish pastel blue, almost indigo. I like it though. Was hoping for the kind of blue they had on the website but this is pretty good. I have a shirt this color.