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Gear Review

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update: wear and tear

i first reviewed this on 7/24/11. after over a year of daily use, it's finally coming apart.
about a month a go, the little strap that holds the slack band in place got a tiny tear in it. i buckle my watch to the tightest notch so i had a feeling this would be the first part to break. it is still functional even with this tear.
just yesterday, the watch face started separating from the silicone band, also on the side that gets pulled when tightened (the "top" of the square). in this state, i'm worried the watch will fall off my arm if the last bit of silicone tears. i really love the nixon newton and will buy a replacement. in the mean time, i've "glued" the watch face back to the silicone with a low viscosity resin... probably not recommended by the manufacturer but it's the only thing that i could think of that would hold it in place. the watch is not damaged and the silicone tears are from every day use so i don't believe it's covered by any warranty; which is why i decided to repair it myself.
i think i got my money worth from this watch and will definitely buy it again.