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twinkle toes

i had a pair of 5.10 galileo's that eventually got so painful i couldnt wear them anymore..not to mention the stink. I knew i wanted an aggressive shoe, but didnt want to sacrafice too much comfort. These are SURPRISINGLY comfortable AFTER the break in period. it took me about 3 weeks to break them in fully, climbing 3x per week. I know that not many stores carry them for try-on sizing, but many stores do carry the solution, which i also tried on...and i would say they have a similar fit. I wear a size 46 - 46.5 sneaker and got these in a 43.5.

lots of people seem to be skeptical about the funky edges and toe on the sole, but these shoes edge incredibly well. I also am pleased by the amount that they dont pick up stink like my 5.10s did. I wear a different shoe for all day trad climbs, but for the gym and for shorter technical climbs...this was a GREAT purchase.