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titanium stove

This is absolutely the smallest most compact stove on the market, not to mention the lightest! I compared this stove with my buddy who has the exact same one only it's made of stainless steel. I was pretty happy that you could actually feel the difference in weight. My friend stripped his stove down as much as he could but it was still quite a bit heavier than the titanium one. It boiled water quickly at 6000 feet but a wind screen would have made it more efficient. I used it to cook a steak in a titanium fry pan and burned the pan a little. My buddy paid a little more attention to his fry pan and found that if you keep a close eye on it you won't have any problems with the small burning area of the stove scorching your equipment. My friend now feels he has to go out and by himself one like mine. Best and lightest stove I’ve ever owned. Don't buy the one with the auto igniter. It breaks really easily and adds needless weight to an otherwise excellent product.