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this is the one!

I expect quality from Mont-Bell, as I have for many years....I own the Alpine Light down sweater and always knew that they did down very well and that this bag would be good, very good. After several friends gave great reviews of the bag....I purchased it for my Guide/counselor/outdoor teacher son.
He is in the Wind Rivers this summer and sends back notes of how much he loves it and the great range of temps that it covers and how durable it is and how it gives him the much needed rest that you must have taking people out in the high country.
He is 6' ( we got a regular), 150 and sleeps cold....but, not with this bag.
I will expect it to last as long as my Sierra Designs down bag, that I bought in 1970..... But I will snag this bag from my son,to use, every time I can - which will not be much- I expect him to guard it.
If you afford it, get is the 'one' !

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I am very interested in this bag but am concerned whether its temperature rating will hold up in rain forests and coastal hikes of the NW and Western Canada. I sleep cold and have been using two synthetic REI bags layered, 15F and a 45F plus a silk liner ..and sometimes my montbell trou & sweater ...see what I mean..I need a bag! I also am concerned with weight and packing size as I often go out alone for 10-14 days. My pack is an Osprey Aura and if I go somewhere I have to cary a bear can, my space is very limited. I would appreciate advice from anyone with experience in coastal/rainforest areas with a down bag. Thx:-)

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Angie, this bag should hold up to it's 0F rating fine. However if you're layering that much and still cold, what's your ground insulation look like? If you don't have a warm sleeping pad (like a neoair xtherm or exped down mat) in cold weather, you'll lose a ton of warmth to the ground. I used to sleep really cold myself until I improved my sleeping pad and now I sleep "warm" by most standards.

Also the older REI bags had optimistic ratings at best...the newer ones are EN rated so should be more accurate.