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Gear Review

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these are a classic for a reason

Not sure why the majority of these reviews are 4/5 stars; sure, this pot set isn't made out of anodized unobtanium, but it is just about indestructible, and less than half the price of comparable sized and function titanium kits. Both pots pour very well. The lid/frying pan seats very well on both pots. It works fine for frying too, although that depends somewhat on your stove and a lot on your patience- no different than any other lid-frypan over a backpacking stove. This is an excellent, very durable 2-4 person heavy backpacking stove. It particularly shines on trips where weight and size are not at a premium- my set gets the most use during the winter (throw it in the pulk), car camping, and canoeing. Not so great for 1-2 person summer backpacking, but that's what the foster's can pot is for.