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surprisingly uncomfortable

No matter what I tried I could never get these to be comfortable on my feet. I had them heat-molded; I wore them around the house any chance I had; and, of course, put a bunch of hours on the slopes. After a while I realized I was over-tightening a bit too much, but even after that realization my feet would be screaming when the buckles and power strap were lightly tightened. I used the laces for the inner boot but it came down to two basic scenarios: I could over-tighten the buckles in order to get sufficient power transfer (and consequently cause enormous pain in my feet) or I could lightly tighten the buckles and power strap in order for my feet to be sufficiently comfortable but then sacrifice power transfer and consequently performance (the buckles would also become completely loose after 1 run).

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Gotta agree with James here...
Totally fickle tension between to tight and to loose.
And add that the tongue bootliner sucks too IMHO.
The walk mode is sweet, but I think that I will replace the liners with wraps that will reduce the ROM on the walk mode :( but increase the stiffness and hopefully alleviate the shin pain too!