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Gear Review

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super overpriced.

It kind of blows my mind how well people are reviewing these buds. I can only assume that their review is based only their appearance. When I first got these buds, I wrote a rash review about the great sound quality and how cool they looked. However, I've now been using them for 3 months and, well, I'm not using them. I quickly found that the cord is AWFUL!!!!!!! for transmitting sound. I'm not talking about riding, I mean if you're sitting down at your computer and you breathe, the cord makes a ruffling sound. It's incredibly horrible. They are also useless for any form of exercise as the oversized bud simply doesn't fit the human ear (even with the multiple sizes of buds you get) and you must continuously push them in. Overall, you are most definitely paying for the Nixon name. I'll continue to buy their watches, but I'll look elsewhere for headphones. Please, don't waste your money. Skullcandy make more comfortable and equally stylin' buds, or for a similar price to these you can get a pair of Shures or Sennheisers, both of which blow them out of the water for sound and comfort.