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Gear Review

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super-light, super-tough

Can't believe how high quality and durable both the lenses and frames are considering their (feather) weight. Never fog because of vented top. Easy to switch lenses but they never pop out on their own, nomatter what. I wear them for all sorts of sports and they've survived all sorts of collisions, crashes, even a snatch and run by our 90-pound Labrador. I've broken my nose a few times (baseball to the face once, other times, don't ask) so I can't tolerate heavy frames or lenses. The Natives, I barely notice they're on. As somebody said below, Native is a great company to deal with too if anything does go wrong. For my money, these are light years better than the more expensive boutique brands--give 'em a try, you won't regret it. They are unbeatable.