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For the price, this is an excellent headlamp. I'm a bit of a night owl: I enjoy late-night walks and runs through my semi-rural neighborhood, and the Tikka 2 is my constant companion. I find that the lower power setting is perfectly adequate in almost all cases. I usually only turn it brighter when I see some kind of animal and I want to get a closer look. (Night-walking exposes you to a whole variety of wildlife that usually stay well-hidden during the day.) The intermittent flash mode is good for when you need to be seen. I'm fairly sure I've already exceeded the maximum expected battery life and it's still going strong. Very lightweight. The button is easier to find and the adjustment system easier to operate than the comparably-priced and -sized Princeton Tec Fuel I recently acquired. My only complaint is that you can't remove the lamp from the headband - after spending so much time on my sweaty forehead, the headband could probably use a good wash.

Even if you don't think you need a headlamp, you should buy one like this or the cheaper Tikkina and keep it in your car, your backpack, your junk drawer, or even your nightstand. A headlamp is like a knife - you never even think about it until the one moment you desperately need one and don't have it.