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Gear Review

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stands test of time

I've had these poles 7-8 years and the BD aluminum ones 8-10 years before that. The old ones had their problems with an ineffectual screw-lock system that chose not to work on the oddest occasions. The flicklock, by contrast, has always worked for me, even in moist/ near-freezing conditions; the curse of my old poles. Telescoping poles in general are great for the upclimb (longest setting) to cruising runs (shorter) to powder/bumps (shorter yet) and these are the best I've encountered. The 'action' with these light poles is quick and responsive. Recommendations: don't 'bang' these against edge of skis to clear ski bottoms as they can break under such abuse. For gonzo bump skiing you may wish for heavier aluminum poles; for all other conditions these rule. Pull out shafts for storage or at the end of snowy days to allow them to completely dry (easily done). I'm ordering a second pair.