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Gear Review

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Finally broke down and decided to try fenders. It wasn't the rooster tail, it was the sub-32F cold salt water pounding the back of my thighs for three hours brrrrrr
1-if you plan to keep these on all season, check out the Crud fenders. Apparently they fit pro bikes (4mm clearance needed), yet are full coverage i.e. like the big ones that attach on frame mounts. There is even (apparently) a wheel well to protect your front derail. In the past I have had a problem with water comming off the road and then freezing on the bike (one solid chunk of ice w/ no brakes,frozen shifting, and a single frozen rock for a rear casette). In this situation I think these might be better than minimalist coverage of SKS.
2-once set up, the SKS go on and off easily, while minimizing the dork factor.
3-learn from my mistake: I dont think you bend the metal stays as much as torque the fender to bend diffferently. I found the front took a lot of bending as the clearances are tight, and I suspect the default is not a straight blade fork (i.e. default is fork w/bend in it). If you have to bend the stays, THEY WILL SLIDE BACK to their default unless you screw them down w/enclosed screws. So after an hour on the road, the fender slipped in the holder, and I wore off my mud flap attachment peg.
Hope this helps dan