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Gear Review

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solid go-to, or an awesome backup unit

let's talk about the pros:
1. the unit is small and light (weighs a total of less than 6 oz with batteries and the separately sold FitsAll Filter)
2. the uv light looks pretty cool when you're using it
3. no need to pump
4. won't leave weird taste

how about the cons
1. it takes over 90 seconds to treat 32 oz of water. If you account for the "pre" filtering using the FitsAll filter, we're talk about ~3 minutes for less than a liter of water.
2. it will have a hard time (or not work) treating murky water. On mostly clear water though, I still use the FitsAll filter.
3. it uses batteries.

With the limitation of no easy way to treat murky water and the time it takes to filter compared to some pump/squeeze type filters, this is my unit of choice only if I know the water source available will provide "clear" water. But weighing less than 6 oz with the FitsAll filter, I haven't found a reason not to carry this as a backup.

solid go-to, or an awesome backup unit