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Gear Review

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smaller than I thought

I was cooking aside a MSR pocket rocket & the Snow Peak wasn't doing as well in the wind. Heated 2 cups of water in 30mph wind conditions (with a wind shield) in about 6 minutes. Flame was having a hard time with it's jet flow. This stove packs smaller than the MSR though & has a sturdier grill. One very disturbing experience: burner shut itself off after about 5 minutes on high heat. It turned back on when I re-lit it but after cooking and removing the stove from the fuel tank, pressurized fuel shot everywhere. I hope it was only a defective snowpeak fuel tank. Even so, it is scary to think what would have happened if there was an open flame nearby or if I had several more days on the trail without any fuel. I need more time to fully evaluate. Bottom line is that it is light & got the job done but has some scary dangers associated with it that may not of had anything to do with the stove itself.