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i've had a 15 down "hugger" old school style(prior to spiral but still pucker type stitching) and is very warm and comfortable, the key in my opinion is the way they sew the baffles that keep the bag close to you but not claustrophobic. the caveat with this bag was the zipper that would easily un-zip but this has been rectified with newer models.

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Montbell's UL SSDH#1 is like sleeping on a cloud. I'm a side sleeper, and this thing stretches with my movements, so I never feel claustrophobic, as I have in other bags. If I go camping in the summer, I unzip the zipper completely and use it as a quilt. The description states that the color is orange, but it's really more of a red. I was able to purchase this in a short (I'm 5'4) and it's a perfect fit.

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Bought this bag this year and love it, used it in the fall and worked great. Thought i might be claustrophobic in a mummy bag but not this one.