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silly name, serious sunnies

I'll come right out and say it: the Hard Kore is not the most cleverly named, and it certainly lacks some of the refined sculpting and frame design that I've come to expect from sunnies at this price point. It even almost feels dated in both of those respects. However, there's something about the Hard Kore (ugh) that still feels refreshingly utilitarian -- a timeless sport-performance profile, if you will. It's pretty clear that Kaenon is putting all their eggs in the basket of optical performance, and luckily their SR-91 lenses deliver in spades. For me, having a contrast-enhancing lens that protects and cuts glare on sunny days but delivers perfect clarity on cloudy days is a huge win -- the C12 (copper, 12% light transmission) is the ultimate in all-day, all-sport versatility. Plus, its mirrored finish looks absolutely badass. No complaints on the fit or wearability - it's definitely a large wrap frame with beefy arms and big lenses. The rubber nose pieces and long rubber temple tips are more than adequate to keep things snug. Still, if you have a smaller mug, or just prefer smaller sunnies for sport, check out the also unfortunately named Soft Kore.

* made in Italy, if you're into that sort of thing