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sharp, summer jacket

This is an excellent jacket for a cool summer night. For cold weather, however, it is worthless. Wind eats right through it. It could not handle a windy 55 degree F day.

On the plus side, it is incredibly soft and comfortable. The nightshade color is sharp looking with its orange highlights. I am 6'4"@165lbs with very long arms (6'8" wingspan) and the sleeves on this just hit my wrists on size LARGE. Acceptable, but I was hoping for longer sleeves, perhaps to tuck my hands into on occasion. I would prefer a couple inches slimmer in fit, but it is definitely not overly wide (36" chest/32" waist, have I).

I was really expecting this to be warmer, and was definitely expecting it to block the wind to some degree. Ultimately, I am disappointed and am returning it. However, I can see myself purchasing this come next spring to wear during warm spring/autumn days or cool summer nights.

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Sorry, but this review is complete bs. I wore my Atom skiing yesterday with wind chills in the lower teens. I wore this as my outer layer with a silk weight patagonia base, and ibex wool zip up mid. No worries, was actually sweating when skiing and zipped up on the lifts... Good to go.

This layer gets my favorite gear award for this season. Layer it up with and shell and you are bombproof...

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How well does the hood pair with an outer shell that also has a hood? Would you wear both hoods simultaneously or can you tuck the Atom back when using an outer hood?

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Nope, my review is not BS. This jacket alone does *not* block the wind much at all. The very windy days I owned it it was truly worthless against the wind. This was with just a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt underneath it. I suppose if you are very active while wearing it you could get by, but just for walking around town with only light activity, it was just no good at all (besides being extremely comfy. I can see using this to run with in the spring maybe, but for winter, it just cannot be trusted without uber many layers perhaps.

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I totally agree with the first post
This ATOM LT is really a great hoody for windy conditions, provided it is dry (ish) outside. The insulation warms the body, but breathes enough to not get sticky. I have had this jacket down to low 40's in the wind, and I was a bit chilly at first, so I put the hood on, and my body temp regulated within minutes. Don't believe the guy who says it's worthless. I have a marmot softshell goretex windstopper, and it's more effective vs extreme wet windy weather, but the ATOM LT is PERFECT for cold northern california nights- can't wait to bring it home to vancouver this winter to give it a shot!