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screwdriver to get into the battery pack, REALLY??

my wife and I have 20 plus years between us leading extensive wilderness trips. We have learned to trust that black diamond makes quality gear. more than once I could say that I owe my continued life to black diamond gear.

We have two young girls so when we saw your headlamp marketed to kids we were sure that it would be a home run. It is, it is simple, bright, light weight and it fits their heads.

The packaging at Christmas was immediately chucked. When attempting to install the battery we were struck hard and fast. screw access to the battery necessitating a very small screwdriver (included)?
1. are we expected to carry the thing in the field? and not lose it into a creek etc
2. Even if we never took the lights in the field are we expected to not lose it.

It seems like a colossal fail in my book. a fail in terms of product testing. Clearly the light was never put into the hands of a parent because even organized parents like us would see that the screwdriver would be lost before the first change in batteries. the screw is so small that even one of those 8 in one screwdrivers or a Swiss army knife would not be able to open it.

Bad design, Black diamond should be ashamed. If I can find the packaging they are going back to the store...

Disappointed in a trusted brand.

We will get over it

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Why do people start their childish rants with some inflated claim of their vast experience? 20 years? Between two of you? Wow! Big deal.... I have over forty by myself and I think the screw is a good idea. When my kids were small, if they could get at the battery it was disassembled and gone in five minutes. Then when they needed the light - guess what.

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Tim its the law that items for children have screw access to the battery compartment. That "disappointment" is that trusted brand PROTECTING YOUR CHILDREN.