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Gear Review

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saved my life twice

This helmet save my noggins a few times. I'm a new mountain biker and the first time I went, I flew over the handlebar and landed on my head first which was a pretty hard packed single track and I was going really fast downhill. My neck got really sore the next day, which meant that I took the hit really hard.
I didn't cracked my helmet or anything. And, the second time, I fell off a cliff 30 ft down and bang my head a few times. I got bruises from the helmet around my forehead. NOTHING cracked, including my noggin. My helmet stayed on my head, the strap held up real well. I can't say enough good things about this helmet. I will definitely buy this same one or at least same brand when I need a new helmet. Great fit, great ventilation, and great protection. A little bit pricier than some, but why would you want to skimp out for something for your head? I would highly recommend this helmet.