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rock Wrech sizing whut???

I have owned and wear 10+ pairs of 5.10 shoes. (mocasyms, anasazi's every kind, gambits, v-miles)

i am a solid 11 size street shoe guy...if i want a 5.10 performance fit i go down to a 10.5.
i sized these to go performance at 10.5. i could barely squeeze them on and could not stand the pain to touch my foot to the ground so i sent them back.
i thought the sizing was a bit off so i returned them ($7.50 later) and ordered the 11.

The size 11 was almost no different than the 10.5 and i returned them again for a refund. (Another $7.50) waste of time...

I am so glad i paid $15.00 to try on these two pairs of shoes from you guys...not