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Gear Review

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reintroduced D2

I bought a D2 in 1976. It was amazing. You could fit cross country skis behind the side pockets. The divider between the 2 large pockets was zippered allowing you to open it up into one huge pocket. The 4 leather lashing patches on the top of the bag even had 4 corresponding patches inside the upper bag. I often would lash a vest or light jacket up there out of the way.

And YES the hip carry D loops had nylon bushings.

To my great sorrow I no longer have that pack. I have purchased 6 D2 packs on eBay trying to find a duplicate. So far no luck. When I saw Jansport was reissuing the D2 I was ecstatic. But no longer.

The 'retro' orange color sucks. My pack was the color of the shoulder straps and hip belt. It practically disappeared when I put it down in the fall woods.

I never did put skis behind the side pockets but every fall my .30-06 rode behind the right side pocket as I hiked into the deer woods. It was the envy of our deer camp.

Until Jansport actually duplicates that 1976 D2 I shall keep searching eBay to find my old D2 or its' twin.