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These are obviously a lightweight, city-walk, "boot-version" of a walkabout shoe. I'll definitely buy'em,... but according to reviews, they will not endure water, abuse, and hard wear. They're very cool looking which attracted me, and I expect them to deliver long hours of comfortable, casual wear, without problems, for a few years: naturally, with compliments! For $90 bucks (which is nothing nowadays) what do you guys expect?: these are $90 of cool.

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ive had these boots for almost a year with weekly multi mile hikes ive had no problems no leaks but like with any waterproof boot swet will build up and your feet may get wet but with the right sock there should be no problem any how id say they are the best lightweight insolated waterproof boot for the money seeing how these will more then likely last me another year and in the past when buying $200 boots a year of heavy use is pushing it

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So you didn't actually buy or wear the boots before reviewing them?