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re: sea shepherd colorway

Let me preface this by saying that while I am 100% in support of conservation efforts put forth to save our oceans and the wildlife they contain, I don't exactly condone some of the tactics that the Sea Shepherd has used in the past to do so. That being said, Von Zipper's partnership with Sea Shepherd is as ballsy as it is noble and perfectly executed, and thusly one I'll still wholeheartedly support.
Now, on to the sunnies themselves. They are Snarks. They fit perfectly. They look dope. They help save whales. Wearing them makes you feel tingly inside. And tingly outside too.

* called "Gnarwhale Navy," the Sea Shepherd colorway is a very dark, matte navy blue that looks black from a distance and in flat light (like the recycled VZ "Shift Into Neutral" collection), but turns a deep shade of blue when light hits it from behind. Just like the ocean. Get it? I've never called a pair of sunnies 'spectacular,' but if I did, I'd save it for these.
* made in Italy, if you're into that sort of thing

re: sea shepherd colorway