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Gear Review

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pretty good binders

I really like how simple and light these bindings are. The free pivot is great. The mechanism that switches between ski and tour mode is kind of wimpy. I guess that's why they're light but I am always afraid it will break. I haven't had the durability issues that some reviewers have mentioned, but know folks who have had them, and they've had some pretty major breakdowns. But, Voile and are always happy to replace. I have a newer set (purchased in 2011) and the heel throw is a lot beefier and made of black plastic. It looks like the metal cut outs on the toebox have gotten a lot smaller than a pair I had that were a year older. I have the short rod version and it fits my 23 Scarpa T-Races with the right amount of pre-load. I like how these ski for the most part. I don't mind where the pivot is because I have such a small boot. I ski these and 22 Designs Axls.