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poor quality

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Please refrain from buying these boots, despite being 10x the price as boots you would find at forever 21, they are the exact same quality. I bought these boots thinking they were an investment, that I could wear them forever. With a motto of "Get Your Boots Dirty" and a price tag of $220 I was expecting to be able to go anywhere in these things. I had them 9 days before I decided to send them back to the warranty department. The wood veneer on the heel was falling off in chunks, exposing the cheap white plastic block beneath, all from walking on normal dirt/gravel trails in national parks. After they asked me to pay out of pocket to send my two week old boots to the warranty department, the department called to say they were unable to fix my boots and they would be replacing them, but with a different color, despite the fact that you can order the exact pair online. When I said I didn't understand why I couldn't get my boots replaced in the same color they said they did not have the color trail available in stock in the warranty department but would "try to see what they can do over the next few days to order my boots exactly from somewhere else." Worst customer service experience ever, horrible quality of boots, not the brand they use to be.

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Hey Heather I'm really sorry these boots did not work out for you and that you have a bad experience with the warranty department. Here at we do have our unlimited return policy so if you purchased these boots with us feel free to return them for a refund.
However if you look under recommended use we state that they are for cold weather, storm days, everyday winter wear, Not for trail or hiking. If you are looking for a trail or hiking boot let me recommend the Vasque Wasatch GTX Hiking Boot. They are comfortable, offer great arch support and have a vibram sole to take impact on gravel and dirt trails. I Hope that this helps.

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True...but still no excuse for Sorel's poor quality. Shame of Sorel, not Backcountry!