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place em for fun

some of my favorite pro, having 3 ways of placing just one small [sideways], medium [other sideways] , huge [lengthwise] is awesome for me. having a full set of these can cover so many cracks plus they get GIANT. the largest size gets up to a fist crack easy, while the smallest overlaps with a set of smaller stoppers very nicely, if your as much of a passive pro freak as me. and i haven't had any problems with them walking out which kills the whole curve hex argument for me, a yank or two and watch them twist and set. and Mike Merrill's review helped me out with the sizes. heres the other ones not on his list
11.4/19 mm, 0.45/0.75 in (size 1)
14.2/20.8 mm, 0.55/0.82 in (size 2)
16.8/24.4 mm, 0.66/0.96 in (size 3)
65/89.2 mm, 2.56/3.51 in (size 11)
thanks Mike! helped me pick the right ones