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Gear Review

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wow!!! not only does this pack look cool, but it also has almost everything i need.
HYDRATION: it has a removable "pouch" for a water bladder... you take the straps off the bottom of the bag, connect them to the pouch & you can carry your water bladder on your back for day hiking & leave the pack at base camp. cons... when it rains on the day hike, the wet pouch either has to go back in the pack, or there is no place for the water bladder.
DETACHABLE PACK: lid turns into a fanny pack with its own belt. nice feature, not too comfortable, but i'm not a fanny pack fan.
VOLUME: room for all my backpacking gear on a two day solo trip (among other things included a thermarest, a sleeping bag with no compression straps & an extra sleeping bag for my beagle)... with the big agnes emerald mountain SL1 tent strapped to the outside. there was even extra space inside!
POCKETS while hiking: one pocket on each side. one is zippered & the other is a stuff pocket only. the stuff pocket will actually hold snack bars and tp without falling out.
OVERALL: the most comfortable backpacking pack i've ever owned... this one is a keeper!!!