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I got the 2008 wide josh mills signature and must say after 1 full season of riding I love this board. i needed to upgrade to a wide since i'm 6'2 215lbs. Im glad i did. I was looking for a true park board that could handle hi speeds on the MN ice. this board performs well in the park with its 3 response rating (perfect amount of flex and lots of pop), you can press anything in sight, the swing weight is very low...which is nice, since its a wide the deck doesn't feel like your riding on a sliver, base stays fast even after all the rails. Overall this board rips! I would def recommend it. i picked mine up for $100 from a nitro pro but i would of paid full price easily.

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What size board did you go for? I'm about the same height/weight as you and am thinking about picking one of these up.

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you should look for something around a 157-159, that would be good height for your size. If you do a lot more park, I would go for something along the lines of a 156-157. For an everything board go for a 158-159