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Gear Review

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perfect watch

this watch is AMAZING. i use it swimming hiking climbing its really good in the water and is SUPER comfy I've slept in it and it didn't drive me crazy, in the shower, to bed, everything-plus im getting a pretty serious time teller shaped tan. i know its not exactly the most "outdoorsy" watch but ive used it on many outings where weve been out for anywhere from days to weeks with no other way to tell time except watches (cellphones get left back with the car). so if you need something that keeps impeccable time and you never have to worry about taking off i highly recommend this plus it has so many colors im sure theres on youll like, i have the red blue and yellow one and nixon makes a fantastic watch so buy with confidence this baby keeps time like magic

update: since ive wrote this review ive bought two more of these. the lime green and the blue, navy, green one. so a word of caution, these can be addicting!