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Gear Review

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only a racer's shoe

I loved these shoes as soon as i opened them out of the box. They are SO comfortable, VERY light, UNBELIEVABLY grippy and run so nicely. I mean it, when i took these on a trail run they gripped the messy trail so well, my foot barely moved. They didn't chafe my foot and they are easily more comfortable than any slipper I've ever worn. These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, in fact. The pair weighs NOTHING. They also cushion fantastically. The MorphoDynamic sole is to blame for this, it really is a home run on Sportiva's part. "But wait." You might say,"You only gave it a three out of five?" Thats right, I did give it a three. These are the least durable shoes I have ever worn, I might as well be wearing a pair of Tom's. The grippy sole on these things really showed wear after the first trail run, you could see that rubber had worn away. The fabric on the outside of the shoe is one piece, very light and comfortable, but a thorn can rip it! They just cannot stand up. They would be perfect for racing, and only racing, no training. I really liked these shoes but if they can't stand up to me, thats bad. I am not a sloppy runner nor do I ever drag my feet, I walk like a ballerina for god's sake. Yet they still fell apart. I am sorry la sportiva, i wanted to love these but I couldn't.