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this jacket fits closer than the micro puff and down sweater, which is, mostly, nice. however, i found that the material bulges out in the stomach area as if i were expecting! not sure if the jacket needs to be broken in to lay flat or whether it might have been defectively constructed, or just the design on my particular body. anyone have thoughts? the aesthetic of this coat is nice with the trimmer fit and the thin baffles. i thought it would feel lighter when on, probably from all the chatter i read beforehand, but it does feel like an insulatory jacket when on - not nothing. one complaint i do have, and this might be color specific (deep mango), is that you can see the down right through the jacket. the exterior shell material has a high sheen so it reflects light, but when in dull or normal light you can see right through it. when i first opened it and saw it, i almost thought there was mold inside the jacket. i contacted patagonia and they said, it's translucent if not transparent lightweight material. darker colors will show less. so go dark if you want to minimize visible down. good jacket but am curious to hear what others have to say about fit and visibility of down.

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I have the hoody version in large deep mango and it fits well (6', 188,34/35 waist). I understand what you mean about the stomach bulge. I bought a Marmot Zeus that I returned b/c of that issue. I just think it depends where the jacket breaks on your body. Maybe if u tightened or loosened the cinch a bit it would break differently. As for the down, I think it looks like orange camo up close. I'm not into camo or anything, but it doesnt bother me. At 1st I thought I was compromising on the color/design, but I think it looks good in person. And when I think about when and where I would wear the jacket it really becomes a moot point imo.

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I picked up this jacket as well. Sweet piece for sure, but I have the bulging issues as well.
It bugs the heck out of me for some reason. thinking of returning it, but such a killer price and awesome jacket, I am having a hard time figuring out what to do.