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Gear Review

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not so well suited for the backcountry

I brought this shower on my 17 day hike, but only used it once and thus wont be bringing it on this year's extended hike, I will keep for extended car camping trips where there are no shower facilities.

If you dont want to take a freezing snow-melt shower, it heats up in the sun (being black and all), but it takes all day in direct sunlight so you have to take a day of rest from hiking if you want to warm it up while in the backcountry.

By enabling you to scoop up water and shower away from streams and lakes, it is good for keeping soaps and shower runoff away, thus leaving no trace.

It is made well, both strong and durable, and is easy to use (just open the top an let the river water flow in). The shower turn on and off easy enough and it hold enough water to last for a decent length shower.

in the end it was just not worth the weight or the effort to use while in the backcountry