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not necessary

i have skullcandy headphones - the in ear type and i string them through my helmet just like the redphones are supposed to. It works great, i didnt need to buy an extra pair just for boarding. I lose a little bit of the bass quality but 35$ for a different set isnt worth it!

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Just because they aren't necessary for you or you can't afford them doesn't mean you have to review them negatively. Try to keep the reviews accurate instead of misleading.

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wow alex, it seems like you get pretty defensive when anybody has an issue with their product. it's possible that a few of the phones weren't manufactured to 100% quality. shit does happen, i've ripped a cord out of a 160$ pair of skullcandys vacuuming my house...and to take a shot at someone for simply saying that the redphones aren't the only headphones that work in the helmet is just immature and stupid on your part. in fact, unless you are making money every time a r.e.d. product gets sold you should probably just keep your mouth shut and let people share their opinions without ridiculing them. all this person said was if you have headphones that fit in the foam, they will work just fine. it is not an inaccurate or misleading review. it is actually more helpful than anything you have posted on this site.