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not as wide as fishbowls

i rode fishbowls last season, and they were HUGE, they just pinched my nose a little too much, and the lens on them wasn't too great. this year, i've been eyeing some large goggles, including oakley canopy, smith i/ox, electric eg2. i've tried them all on for a while, or used them (eg2), and i feel like the canopy just doesn't have as wide or tall of a view as the others. granted, they're sick goggles. they have a super clean style, they look amazing, they're comfortable, and they're oakley quality, both in the lens and frame. they just don't do it for me though, i wouldn't spend the money on them. I would expect them to have a larger field of vision, and be more comfortable (granted, subjective), than the rest of the competition. for the best view, go fishbowls if they fit. the smith i/ox was the most comfortable