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not a great product

These are super comfortable. thats about it.
As soon as these make any sort of contact the X-Up straps pop right off. Making it awkward to pedal with the strap flopping around. And if you hit the ground they are only good for intitial contact after that the pop off and your kness and shins get all ground up

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Don't listen to this guy. I have been wearing fox launch pads for 3 years, and have never had this issue. Almost everyone I know wears these pads (actually the full length version, but same x-up strap system) and no one has this issue. I suggest this dude must have a very weird riding position where he is constantly hitting his knees on his toptube? These pads are the best. I'm looking into this shorter version because I get chafing where my full length launch pad meets my high-top 5-10 impact bike shoes. Still not sure if I want to get these, or a true knee only pad like the fox pro launch knee, or 661 Kyle Strait.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to add: I ride hard DH every day, and I have crashed many times wearing fox launch pads. They have held up amazingly for 3 years.