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  • Gender: Female
  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I used camelbacks for a long time, and was pretty psyched on being so hydrated. Then several years ago, I got paranoid about drinking out of plastic and tried to cut down, so I quit using the camelbacks....and got way less hydrated. I actually called Platypus and asked them about plastic and drinking out of these things. They told me that the soft, supple plastic (what camelback uses) is actually toxic and can leach into the water. I think that's why the water tastes bad in my camelback. They also told me that's why the plastic they use is stiffer and not as supple--it's non BPA and hopefully will not leach anything into the water. The drinking tube is still made of the supple stuff, but the idea is that the water isn't just sitting in the tube all the time, like it does in the bladder itself. That was good enough for me, and now I'm using this all the time and am way more hydrated. I like having it nearby at night, so I don't even have to sit up when I wake up thirsty....somehow sitting up is just too hard sometimes when you're asleep.