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Gear Review

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new t-race

I have owned T2's, T1's (lady's), and T-Races (both Candycane and the new Red). This is hands down the best if you're into skiing hard and still want a walk mode. The walk mode is improved over the T1 walk mode from a couple years ago. I haven't had issues with it going into walk mode on its own. The new tongue-style liners have a snugger fit around the ankle IMO. The ankle buckle is an improvement for sure over the ratchet-style buckle of years past. I think the pebax is softer than the previous plastic. My duckbills seems to have gotten "chewed up" quicker than previous boots. I do tour in these as well as ski resort, so the walk mode is nice to have. I found these to fit narrower than the T1's.