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Gear Review

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never look back...unless looking for ultra light...

With the exception of ultra light options this is your bomb shelter. first of all, check out Nemo as an organization. impressive. second, this is a bomb shelter. Condensation can be a bit excessive at times, depending on the ambient air temp and whether or not you're a hot sleeper. I have used for a total of about 30 nights and will be resealing seams before the next use, but only for preventative puposes since i'm starting to see some cracking on the factory seams. The zippers can't be broken. The tubes are made for armageddon. One super legit gripe I have is that the foot pump requires intense labor to operate effectively above about 8k feet. Above that point you are forced to blow air in the foot pump (orally ;D) and the problem with that is moisture in the tubes...bad. I use footprint and pawprint with these 2 you WILL NOT have any pad popping comfort issues. Also helps with insulation. However, this combo SIGNIFICANTLY adds to weight. Plenty of room for 2 dudes and some gear. Stakes are invincible. guylines included are solid. Bought on sale and would do it again. However, next time I go on a 1 week plus and am at altitude I'll be getting an ultralight 1 person.