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necessary for jetboil but NEEDS WORK!

this is an absolute must when you're an owner of a jetboil cooking system. this little pot support enables you to use any pot or pan with the jetboil, but you'll need to make sure you stir or else you'll get uneven cooking. my biggest pet peeve with the stabilizer is that when you are storing it in the jetboil cup, it scratches the sides if youre not SUPER careful, also it won't allow you to fit the stabilizer in with the rest, which is a bummer. also it's outrageously expensive. they need to fix this

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I've been able to get all of the parts inside my Flash cup. First in is my coffee press screen, convex side up. Second, the 3-legged gas canister stabilizer. Third, the burner unit, with the three points on bottom touching the long sides of the stabilizer. Fourth, the two pieces of the coffee press shaft, through the slots on the burner until the tops are about even with the top of the burner. Fifth, the gas canister, followed by the pot support placed upside down. The lid then fits comfortably on top and, when finished, I can't rattle anything when I shake it.

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I hate it when i do this...the conCAVE side of the coffee press should be up. Grrrr...