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Gear Review

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must have, nice

this is a must have item with the solar headlamp. don't get me wrong, I use its usb sibling more than I ever would the 12v adapter, but I do know it works and it will be a lifesaver for many when I go out on the AT next year. While I'm not crazy about the weak hinge on the headlamp mount the 12v and usb adapters along with the headlamp set is by far one of the best purchases for gear I have made not only for the AT but for many outdoors adventures to come in the future!!!!

buy it, ppl will envy and hate you for not having to carry batteries and will most likely feed you their extra goodies on the trail for use of your 12v charger to get that ever so needed 'if I only had just ONE bar on my cell phone' fix, hehehe!!!