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Gear Review

4 5

many great attributes...

but this ski after two powder choked days left me wanting or a bit confused. The good attributes are: Turns very well and can be super quick with the the way the tip is designed on this ski. Rolls up on edge with absolutely no hesitation compared to lets say a Pettitor. Great grip. Its also able to make big round carved turns I found when screwing around on groomers too. Very fast bases or my wax was perfect :) Floats well but a bit too turny in pow for a ski with a 29.5m turn radius...weird. Felt disconnected transistioning from or trying varying turn shapes in the pow. Stability wise these are def all that although just not a fan of Rossi's core maybe. Has this kind of stiff skittery feel that is a bit too bouncy. The Pettitor in a 189 was way more damp and connected to the snow with a better kind of stability for me. Was not affraid to point the Pettitor at a pile of junk snow at speed while GS'n or super G'n while on edge. The Squad does so many things well and is a ripper for sure but just lacked that fun playful factor for me and found it rather boring. So many awesome skiers however that connect with this ski and I get that. Demo if you can.