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Gear Review

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like a glove, but more like a jacket.

its warm, and functional. it fits really well. i feel like im wearing a fine peace of designer clothing that has been taylored to fit me. the long lean body keeps everything together like a sports bra for snow. the lack of extra sag and waisted faberic keeps it clean and the ladys coming. (if thats what you're looking for) on the tech. side, this jacket is waterproof on wet days and the gairers keep the snow out on cold powder days. the insilation makes it easy to get up and go with no nead for a hoodie underneth making things a little less crouded. for a reference point i am 6' and 175lb with oragatang arms, but really a fairly common figure. if you are questioning your self take my advice and get it. airblaster is the future comfort name of snowboarding.