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lightweight cup/mug/pot

this is awesome! great for open fire tea, or boiling water for a dehydrated meal. it works great for both. NO LID THOUGH! it doesn't state whether or not there is one in the listing, but i figured they wouldn't have included it if it wasn't listed. the handle tends to get really hot so bring fleece0like gloves or bandana to grab the cup (or use your clothing). it does come with a little mesh stuffsack though!

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I don't own one of these but I came across this on concerning a lid:

"The lid from a 11.3 oz. size plastic can of Folgers coffee snaps perfectly onto the top of a Snow Peak 600 cup. Using a leather punch, I put two holes opposite each other on the lid. Small hole on one side. Bigger hole on the other. It works perfectly, and weighs .4 oz aka 10 grams. Cost: under $4 if you don't drink coffee. Free if you do.
Someone had tried using it as a cooking lid and it worked fine. Someone else tried and the lid deformed. Maybe you just have to be really careful. In any case, for the weight, I'm willing to pack it along with a cooking lid."

Maybe it will help. Sip it lids would be great for these things.

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Check this site for a custom made lid for the 600