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last boot I will ever own!!

just stepped up from the t-2's, it's taking a while to adjust from 2-3 buckles but had a breakthrough and I am in love!! getting in and out is like some midevil torture device but once I am in it's all love. I endured the pain of riding the boots without forming the liner for 4-5 days and then went to a local shop to get it heated up, and now it's all butter. (but I don't use the foot bed liner..) going to a third buckle is odd, and sometimes the multitude of micro adjustments are annoying, but once you get yourself dialed there is no doubt the boot helps me turn my fat ass as well as extending endurance. My breakthrough trick is the leaving the middle buckle loose or not loose depending on my mood. I like it loose. The boots high shin and strap locks down my leg for better energy transfer. extremely well designed and constructed, truely amazed at the baffel. you pay alot but it's worth it!! I think the thermo forming is the trick, make sure the store has the toe boxes and you stand your toes on a 2x4 board with your heels onthe ground. some stores staff don't know or care, so you better!!