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Gear Review

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its coooooo

heres the thing, this jacket is a shell, for the launch jacket at least. theres two types of this jacket, the launch (shell) and the continuum (insulated). i prefer the continuum jacket, its warmer and seems to have alot more features on it than the launch jacket does. both are gnarly jackets cause of the outtter design. depending where you ride depends on the type of jacket you want i guess. i ride where it cold so i went for teh warmer jacket, the lanuch jacket is gnarly but your gunna wanna have a sweatshrit or under armound underneath. if you cant tell by the pictures which jacket is which (cause they have the same outter design) look on the inside of the hood, the insulated jacket will have a teal blue color to it and the continuum jacket will have black. plain and simple these jackets by burton are great, no complains, pit zips, powder skirts, arm guards, pockets all over. the game is ON with the Jacket