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Gear Review

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it's all in the packing (45 L review)

Pros: The wide opening is really great for packing and unpacking and finding your gear, and the 4 straps and handle/strap can also be useful for tie-down on a boat.

Cons: I found it harder to purge the air enough with such a wide opening for a comparatively shallow bag. I think this was due in part to the items I had and how I packed them, so I will explain. I used this bag on a river trip to hold some camera gear, tripod, small camera pack, and a couple random things. So the items themselves created a problem in purging the air around them. I also used this bag for canyoneering/backpacking and had items organized into 3 stuff sacks that I then put into the dry bag. The air purged a little easier with these softer items, but still had trouble getting it all. I think it would work better if you are not packing and organizing items in other stuff sacks or cases first, or if you have one stuff sack with say a sleeping bag, and then fill in all the space with your clothes.

Suggestions: I think adding a purge valve or a zip-lock style closure would make this bag close up better and more securely.

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RE purge valve: Yeah, that'd be great until the thing did leak, then It'll suck water IN!!! Don't put negative pressure on your dry bags folks or they are SURE to leak. You squeeze air out = it sucks water in. Just like ANY dry bag, they are not meant for prolonged underwater exposure, only brief submersion or splashing. Ask any old rafter.