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Gear Review

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interesting idea, not working for me

I wanted to like this pack, but it's not working out for me.
It's just not as comfortable as I hoped. There's lots of padding, but something about the shape of my back and the shape of the pack just doesn't work. I found the panel-loading to be a bit of a challenge: the pack has no structure when it's empty, which makes it hard to start loading. A stuff-sack-based approach to packing might work better. The inner straps were more annoying than helpful. I had some trouble strapping items like a sleeping pad to the outside. The small is an inch too short to fit a platypus big zip along the frame without folding over the top.
On the other hand, you can fit an impressive amount of stuff in here.
The floating lid is roomy and worked well, and is easy to detach and
take into your tent.